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Sarah Skelton

owner and author of Healthy Living with Sarah

I'm a woman in her 50's who just loves food!  My passion for cooking started in my early teens and has evolved ever since.  Being a mum of three, I've coped with the juggling of mealtimes while balancing a budget.  And over the years as my children have grown up and left home, I have found that I have become more interested in being more creative without being pretentious.  I have many styles all of which depend on my mood for the day, but for me, the core of my passion for creating good food is that it needs to be simple, tasty and make people smile!

But more than that, I love the whole wellbeing vibe, and in 1998, I qualified as a fitness and weight management instructor and ran classes in Norwich for almost 22 years.  Then in 2021 I moved to Northumberland for a change of scenery!


In late 2015 Rosemary Conley CBE asked me to create a complete selection of healthy recipes for her new book called Rosemary Conley's 3-2-1 Diet Book which was sold worldwide - it was such an honour to devise and create those simple recipes that I got the recipe bug.   But beyond just writing recipes, I am a director of a company called Digital Wellbeing Limited which creates digital health and wellbeing services, within that company we have two public facing brands.  The first ,which I've created many of the healthy eating weight loss plans for, including a lean and clean program, complete lifestyle change plan which includes both gluten-free and plant-based versions, so I really understand what it means to have a balanced lifestyle which encompasses both food and activity. In 2020 I launched the first ever entirely plant-based weight loss platform which is our other public brand (you might have seen them both featured in the NHS/Better Health Campaign run by Public Health England) I've created 100's of exciting plant-based recipes for this site and also the healthy eating plans that are featured on it, so take a look!

As part of my passion for all things food related I've written several recipes and weight loss books , you can find them on Amazon

I love creating recipes, inspiring people to try new things, whether it be food or exercise. For me it's all about the bigger picture in helping people get fitter, healthier and feel better about themselves and this site is aimed at just that!

The recipes on this lovely site come from the heart, my heart and I really believe every recipe should be delicious and simple to make.  It's all about having good food that makes you smile!  Some of them are a bit naughty (it's ok to have a treat occasionally), some very healthy but all of them are delicious, and there are lots that are time and budget-friendly too! If you are looking for cutting edge super posh cuisine, then this site is probably not for you, but if you want inspiration, great recipes that make you smile and a bit of food and wellbeing information (see my blog) then you will love everything here!

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