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Why we should try to be more active

We all know that we should get out and be more active, but do you understand the healthy positive impact activity has on you both physically and mentally?

It is essential to understand that exercise/activity is so much more than just about burning calories.

Good Heart Health

Because being more active/exercising improves your blood flow around your body, it can help to clean out the bad plaque that can block your arteries, and this action causes your blood pressure to lower. Regular activity can also help to maintain a good cholesterol level, reducing down in the bad stuff and increasing the good cholesterol. Blood pressure and cholesterol readings that are within standard guidelines reduce your risk of a stroke or heart attack by a significant amount!

Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes or becoming Pre-diabetic

Type 2 diabetes is, sadly, a very rapidly growing trend. In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 7 million people have pre-diabetes whether they are aware of it or not, and they are at a very high risk of developing Type 2. Type 2 diabetes is a severe disease that can cause nerve damage, loss of sight, heart disease, kidney damage, and the list goes on. Exercising regularly, such as 30 minutes of walking per day can significantly reduce the risk of developing Type 2.

Stress-busting, be happy

Exercise releases a combination of chemicals known as endorphins, and these are our feel-good chemicals. It’s a proven fact that exercise makes you feel much better, more alert and relaxed. Whether it’s taking a brisk walk, dancing, bike riding or going for a run, it’s all good exercise, and it will alleviate the mental impact of stress on you, your body and your life, leaving you feeling more positive, less anxious and more relaxed.

Sleep Well

There is a vital link to well-being, obesity and mental health and your sleep quality. If you struggle with getting a good 6-7 hours of sleep, then adding in a little more physical activity could be the solution for you. It’s best to have regular bursts of activity through the day to promote a good nights sleep rather than a single session early evening, as that can sometimes have the reverse effect!

Immune Boost

If you’re prone to infections and illness, it could be because you are not active. Being active helps boost your immune system, which fights disease, and supports your body functions as it should.

Cognitive Function

As we get older, our cognitive function (memory, problem-solving, attention, perception, thinking and reasoning) can start to decline, particularly from the age of 55+. Regular exercise can help to improve our cognitive function by direct and indirect means. This is because regular exercise can help to balance blood sugar levels, improve blood flow to the brain and aids the release of hormones, which promote cell growth.

Keep yourself healthy, boost your mood, and you will see an improvement in your general well-being, just from doing a little exercise every day!

Remember, everyone is very different – introduce an activity that you like and can sustain. Keep it varied and, and the results will speak for themselves

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