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The Humble Onion

Did you know that the average onion is made up of 89% water and contains less than 0.1% fat!

Onions are just 40 calories per 100g, so they are a great way of bulking up a recipe without adding too many extra calories.

“Onions are a rich source of vitamin C, B6 and a good source of fibre too.”

Whilst all onions contain the following properties below, the shallot actually contains the highest level and therefore is possibly the best choice when cooking

1. Anti-inflamatory

2. Anti-cholesterol

3. Antioxidants

Which colour should you choose?

Yellow (sometimes known as brown) – ideal for everyday use and great for caramelized onions or recipes such as French onion soup

Red – ideal for salads, eating raw and for grilling or roasting

White – traditionally used in Mexican food, and are slightly sweeter in taste, often being referred to as a mild onion

“Did you know that onions are used extensively in curries due to their natural thickening tendencies ”

Top tip: To prevent ‘crying’ when peeling/chopping an onion, leave the root end on as this is where the highest levels of enzymes can be found causing discomfort in the eyes and nose

Animals beware!

Dangerous to animals whether raw or cooked, especially dogs and cats as they cannot process the sulfoxides, this causes a toxic presence and the rupture of the red blood cells #onions #healthyliving #food

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