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Mushrooms - are so much more than just a squeaky, slimy vegetable!

Mushrooms you either love them or hate them! Those that are not a fan

often refer to them as being a squeaky slimy vegetable as they seem to

believe that they squeak when they eat them :)

“Naturally high in protein and low in calories and fat ”

Health benefits:

  • ŸHigh in folic acid - great for mums to be

  • ŸRich in B vitamins - promotes healthy skin and hair

  • ŸPhosphorus -required for strong teeth and bones

  • ŸPotassium - promotes healthy blood pressure

  • Selenium - helps to promote a healthy thyroid gland

Did you know that Mushrooms are really high in protein so they are a greatway to help you feel fuller for longer without adding on the calories. They are so versatile as you can eat them raw or cooked and are great slicedinto a salad or just for bulking out a casserole. More importantly it issaid that mushrooms contain pro-rata more antioxidants than any othervegetable source in the world.

Storing your mushrooms correctly is key. Mushrooms should be stored in the refrigerator in either a paper bag or in paper towels. If stored in plastic bags or containers the humidity affects them causing them to go ‘off’ and they can become slimy in texture. Freezing: either slice or whole – but ensure they are frozen whilst not touching otherwise they will freeze as one mass. Once frozen individually they can then be stored in the freezer together.


  • White: quiet bland in flavour, gets it’s white colour because it’s grown in the dark

  • Brown (sometimes known as chestnut): More flavour than the white variety

  • Portobello: This is a fully matured chestnut mushroom, ideal for being stuffed

  • Oyster: gets its name from its shape, comes in 5 colours (brown, grey, blue, pink & yellow). Ideal for pasta and risotto’s

  • Shiitake: traditionally from Japan. Great in sauces, soups and stir fries

  • Enoki: thin white sweet fruity flavour that has a slight crunch – ideal for salads (use as an alternative to bean sprouts in a salad)

  • Cèpe or Porcini: Comes in 3 colours – Yellow, brown or dark red brown. Has a meaty texture and is excellent in deep flavoured sauces.

  • Truffles: Most expensive mushroom in the world. Comes in two colours black & white (white being the most expensive). Very strong flavour, white variety can be eaten raw whilst the black variety must be cooked. Best stored in a tub of dry rice.

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