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More than just a cure for puffy eyes!

Many of us have laid in the bath with a couple of slices of cucumber laid strategically over our eyes in hope that this simple action will make us look more youthful. But could we do more with this salad vegetable?

Back in the day when I was a child, cucumbers were just something Grandad grew in the green house that appeared on the table with some lettuce and tomatoes when the school holidays started.

“From jazzing up a gin & tonic to relieving sunburn, the cucumber has so much to offer!”

Many of us still forget the versatility of the cucumber and just slice it into a basic green salad and move on. Cucumbers are great lightly pickled, sliced with a vegetable peeler and served with freshly pan fried salmon steaks, or mixed with fresh mint leaves and melon cubes to make a refreshing summer salad fit for any BBQ. Why not try adding several slices to a glass of sparkling water, a couple of ice cubes and a sprig of mint for the most refreshing drink you are ever likely to taste. If you suffer from heartburn/indigestion after eating cucumbers then why not try the 'burpless' variety - yes they really do exist!

Cucumbers are more than just an addition to a meal they have health benefits too!

To ease sunburn try cutting a cucumber into slices and gently rubbing the moist part of the cucumber over the inflammed area to relieve the discomfort - this works in a similar way to aloe vera.

For constipation - cube half a cucumber, place in a blender with a sprig of mint and half a glass of water, whizz until smooth and drink, it should do the trick!

And finally to reduce puffy eyes, lay in a relaxing room with a couple of slices laid over your closed eyes, with some soothing music in the background to release those nasty toxins!

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