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Feel Fuller for Longer with Protein

The most recent research about protein tells us that it is top of the tree

for helping us feel full (satiety). So for some who suffers from cravings

and or the need to nibble between meals then having slightly more protein

based foods may be beneficial for them. Protein rich foods tend to have a

much lower GI rating which can help to control the peaks and troughs in

our blood sugar levels which goes towards explaining the ‘feeling full’

sensation we get when eating protein rich foods

“ In the last few years’ protein/energy balls have become very popular but they are often high in calories which is fine if you eat one, and not so good if you eat 10! ”

Many supermarkets have produce their own quick snack options such as egg,

spinach and seed pots, or shots of nuts.and seeds to name but a couple.

However there are other ways to introduce more protein to your healthy eating


It’s the quality of protein that is the most important and the highest biological value is from meat. For vegetarians the highest value comes from soya products. However biological value of protein increases with the combination of foods such as beans (pulses) put together with bread (wheat) i.e. the combination of things such as beans on toast creates a complete protein.

When trying to lose weight the proportions of the macro nutrients should be approx. :

50% Carbohydrates

25% Fat

25% Protein

If someone is on approx. 1500 calories per day the protein intake should equate to about 375 calories.

Suggestions of good sources


Greek yogurt

Rolled oats

Whey protein powder

Pumpkin seeds


Seitan - popular with those following a plant-based lifestyle

Chickpeas and Lentils


Nuts – cashews, walnuts and almonds

Lean meats such as chicken breast; all forms of fish

Skimmed or semi Skimmed milk

Low Fat yogurts

Baked beans on wholemeal toast


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