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with Sarah


The recipes on this lovely site come from the heart,  I really believe every recipe should be delicious and simple to make.  It's all about having good food that makes you smile and keeps you healthy! 

Some of them are a little bit naughty and should only be made occasionally as a treat, but the rest are balanced recipes that work for one or many depending on how many you are cooking for. Simply put there is something for everyone.

You will find every recipe featured on this site has all the nutritional* information included so you can make an informed choice about the recipes you choose to try.  Every recipe can be downloaded so you can either save it to your device or print it off - you choose!

But this is not just about food it's about the bigger picture.  We all want to be healthier, fitter and feel good about ourselves and I believe this site will help you achieve that in a simple balanced way.  Check out my blog for articles on healthy living, food and exercise*

New content is added regularly so take a look every week!

Sweet potato with Spicy Salsa, Chickpeas

"Food should make you smile and your taste buds cry out for more!"